This week, summer interns around the country will finish their internships, trading in Excel for the waning moments of summertime freedom before the school year sets in. This year, L2 hosted eight summer interns, all beneficiaries of the long and arduous internship search process that for most begins in the same place: Google.

As my own final internship task, I looked into Google search volume relating to internships over the course of this past year. Here’s what I found: of the top 100 internship-related searches, 37% of searches for company-specific internships were in the field of technology. The search for “google internships” had the most volume, accounting for 10% of searches for any company-specific program, followed by Disney, Amazon, and the FBI.

Internship chart

While Google’s buffets, beanbags, bicycles, and other amenities could inspire just about anyone to learn to code, others sought a different type of experience, with another kind of bike. In April, Harley-Davidson announced its paid summer internship, which let eight interns motorcycle around the country and document their experience on social media. In the two weeks surrounding the announcement, 20 articles were published that generated more than 25,000 interactions, more media exposure than any other internship this year.

These trends in online search shed light on the aspirations of the future workforce, while also capturing college students’ desire for exploration before the intimidating prospect of full-time employment. While internships are not always a point of emphasis, firms that innovate with their internship programs can spread brand awareness and recruit top talent.

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