Our 2013 Digital IQ Index: Home Care report shows that display ad spending in the Home Care category is increasing, but most ads are still not optimized to prompt purchases. 86% of the brands studied in our report use display ads, but a survey of 236 ads by 30 brands shows that 14% of ads have no clear call to action. (Ads with a call to action have been proven to be more effective in leading to sales across all industries.) 28% of Home Care brands use “Shop Now” and 28% use “Learn More.” 19% direct viewers to a coupon and only 4% tell them to watch a video.


Ads without call to action are a characteristic of the industry. Consumer Packaged Goods advertising is usually directed towards branding rather than response rate. However, a few Home Care brands are using creative ways to nudge the consumer towards buying while improving the brand image. Swiffer ads direct viewers to product reviews, and Purex ads direct them to play a game or buy at Walmart. Swiffer’s YouTube channel, which is the most viewed of all Home Care brands, features videotaped user reviews and how-to instructions. E-commerce accounts for less than 1% of Home Care sales, but as that percentage increases so will ads that close sales.


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