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Our 2013 Digital IQ Index : Home Care report shows that category brands lag behind e-tailers in owning their search terms. Exceptions Purex, Scrubbing Bubbles, and Mr. Clean own 70% of organic PC results for their terms, but others own on average 33% of Google’s first page organic results. Only half of Home Care brands purchase their brand terms on a PC.

E-tailers are filling the gap. Our report reveals that Amazon is the most aggressive buyer of search terms for household products. It has purchased 43% of Home Care brand terms. The next most aggressive e-tailer purchased 25% of search terms. Walmart purchased 18%. It’s no surprise that Amazon and Walmart appear in the top 10 results for 89% and 64% of brand search terms respectively.


E-commerce makes up only 1% of consumer packaged goods sales, and most happen on third party sites. However, a website with product information, reviews, videos and links to third party retailers can improve online and offline sales. An e-marketer study shows that e-tailers believe strong brand content is key to turning online browser into buyers. As e-commerce begins to grow in the Home Care category, brands that invest in highly visible and comprehensive sites are more likely to succeed.

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