Many retailers use their brand sites to help shoppers along the path to purchase. However, L2’s Insight Report: Home Care Enterprise Investments reveals that Home Care brands instead tend to emphasize product awareness, as evidenced by their limited site functionality.

Less than half
 of brand sites in L2’s Home Care Index feature store locators, and outside top enterprises, few brands have invested in e-commerce elements such as “buy-it-now” buttons. Instead, brands are adopting features that promote product awareness, such as user reviews and site search. Since 2013, 13% of Index brands have added user reviews, a feature which can now be found on nearly two-thirds of sites.

Home care brand site investments

Some exceptions can be found on Procter & Gamble sites, as the enterprise has invested substantially in e-commerce. All P&G Home Care brand sites feature user reviews, yet 92% also include “buy-it-now” buttons – removing obstacles to purchase. However, P&G has been slower to move towards responsive design.

By adapting content to fit various screen sizes, responsive design improves the mobile and tablet viewing experience. Almost one in three Index sites have invested in the technology, including 83% of Georgia-Pacific brand sites and 80% of Reckitt Benckiser sites. But no P&G sites have done so, suggesting that the leader in e-commerce sophistication may be lagging when it comes to non-desktop investments.


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