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Instagram is no doubt the hottest platform of the moment, serving as Facebook’s moisturizer and one of brands’ last fields for organic reach. But household care items are experiencing a higher success rate on Pinterest.

Home Care brands have been slow to adopt Instagram; as of now just 20% of brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Home Care are present on the platform. In contrast, nine of the 15 brands new to L2’s research platforms have a Pinterest account. And the average Home Care community size is 3,300 on Pinterest as opposed to 2,300 on Instagram.

But the difference between Instagram and Pinterest’s potential is most evident in the gap between the top accounts. Dreft @DREFT and Mrs. Meyers @mrsmeyerscleanday are the top two Home Care accounts with 16,841 and 5,567 followers respectively. Ziploc @ziplocofficial and Purex @purex are the top two home care accounts on Pinterest with 32,595 and 17,116 followers each.

Pinterest users are predominantly female between the ages of 18 and 49, which is Home Care’s target demographic. Recipes, lifestyle content, and design content are among the most pinned content on Pinterest, and Home Care brands can boost their popularity by showcasing related content.

The resonance of lifestyle content is most evident in the graph below. Green brands have significantly better performance than non-green brands, especially Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyer’s who excel at producing a variety of green living content (design tips, healthy recipes, lifestyle).

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