With more than 150 million users, Snapchat has finally convinced brands to take it seriously. Nearly two-thirds of brands tracked by L2 have Snapchat accounts, including 62 that joined in the past year. However, despite these rapid adoption rates, many brands struggle to produce content.

Given the platform’s limited searchability, L2’s Social Platforms report suggests that a good starting strategy might be to target loyal brand followers. Victoria’s Secret uses Snapchat to generate hype for its fashion shows, while Adidas runs interactive campaigns – for example, letting consumers use Snapchat’s doodle tool to design their own footwear.


Crucially, these brands also understand the power of building such campaigns into a broader narrative. The four winners of the Adidas footwear contest were flown to the brand’s headquarters in Germany, and their trip was documented on the brand’s Snapchat Story. Adidas also promoted the campaign on Instagram by partnering with actress and model Peyton List, who spread the word to her 8.7 million followers – illustrating how best-in-class brands build awareness across multiple platforms.

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