As most brands steer clear of politics, Ben & Jerry’s new CEO said the firm will only be ramping up its corporate activism. Over the next few months, consumers can expect to find those new initiatives not only on the grocery shelves, but also on social media, where Ben & Jerry’s has become a leader of the dairy pack.

Ben & Jerry’s quirky social presence helped earn the brand a Gifted title in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Food. Alongside more political statements, the brand focuses on promoting new product launches, a strategy that makes a lot of sense: Instagram posts including the word “new” garner 162% more interactions. That trend also holds true on YouTube and Facebook, making clear that social media is a natural channel for new product launches.

Ben and Jerry's

The recent Moo-phoria Light Ice Cream launch exemplifies the brand’s social savvy. Content promoting the new product was repurposed across platforms to maximize views and interactions, while tailored to the specific demands of each platform. The results were dramatic. On Facebook, a video that introduced the line garnered nearly six million views, a record for the brand. When Ben & Jerry’s repurposed the video for Instagram, it scored 256% more interactions than the average post. 

Social media platforms attract thousands of interested consumers and enable brands to build equity at scale. An increasing number of brands are using these channels to drive awareness for new products. However, Ben & Jerry’s demonstrates that successfully coordinating launches across channels reaps the most benefits.

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