Old Navy joined today close to thirty brands that have placed the Twitter “Buy” button on select Tweets to facilitate faster purchases. The shorter distance from discovery to purchase could mean a higher conversion rate on Twitter, raising the importance of followers and investment on the social platform. So far, brands are not fully optimizing their use of the Twitter “Buy” button. Twenty-one percent of brands that use the feature do not link to a specific e-commerce page, and just 8% are taking advantage of AMEX Offers to pair purchases of their product with a discount.

In addition to using the “Buy” button effectively, Big Box brands need to up their paid advertising on the platform. While 47% of Big Box brand term yielded at least one promoted tweet, only 6% were generated by the brand. Promoted posts have more than 2.5x the conversion rate of organic ones.

text-1 (5)Big Box brands have not maximized their organic reach either. Just 64% of brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Big Box have auxiliary accounts, which can materially expand a brand’s following. The top 10 Big Box brands by community size have expanded their following by 66% on average using secondary accounts such as @KmartDeals, @KmartFashion and @KmartCares.

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