As Luxury brands explore e-commerce, brand sites may provide more value as lead generation tools than as stores. While direct-to-consumer e-commerce accounts for only 3.6% of prestige luxury sales, two-thirds of purchasers say their browsing was affected by at least one branded digital touch point. Brand sites can play an integral role in that process, turning casual browsing sessions into concierge interactions and in-store visits.

Most brands in the Watches & Jewelry sector already use their sites to list store locations, with best-in-class brands such as Vacheron Constantin automatically displaying nearby points of sale on product pages. In many areas of the path to purchase, L2’s e-commerce report finds Prestige brands leading the way: 75% of Prestige brands offer an assisted purchase option, while the same choice is provided by only 57% of Masstige brands and 35% of those in the Accessible category.

Path to purchase by price point

Digital leaders in the category are racing to update their sites. Nearly half of Watches & Jewelry brands re-launched their sites last year, focusing on commercialization features including appointment booking and in-store pickup. Brands that fail to make similar investments could find it increasingly difficult
 to compete.

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