Although brands are drifting away from Vine due to lack of advertising opportunities, Fashion brands have been able to leverage the platform for organic engagement. This demonstrates that Vine has potential as a fashion favorite, even in the face of competition from new video features on Facebook and Snapchat.

Major brands used Vine for only 4% of social videos between September and November, according to video analytics firm Tubular Labs. Only 13 of the 40 brands under examination posted on Vine during Q3 2015, down from 21 in Q1.

“Brands are having this platform fatigue,” Tubular Labs co-founder Allison Stern told Adweek. “Marketers today are savvy about experimenting on a platform, but if it’s not working for them, they’re going to drop it.”

But Fashion brands have taken advantage of the emerging platform. Led by Lacoste, which has generated over 13 million loops, 43% of brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Fashion are active on Vine. Other brand leaders include Chanel and Michael Kors, reflecting their prowess across social media platforms. Chanel boasts an impressive 256,000 Vine followers, although Michael Kors generates more engagement, garnering twice as many loops per post despite having only half Chanel’s following.

Vine does not offer traditional advertising, but brands can generate organic visibility by partnering with popular influencers or content producers.

Meagan Cignoli, a New York-based photographer who has produced Vines for companies like French Connection and Benefit, points out that the platform can be a source of free advertising for brands that post engaging content.

“If your post becomes popular enough and gets picked up on Vine’s featured page, it’s like having a commercial all day that essentially you’re not paying for,” she said in an interview.

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