Searching YouTube for popular Beauty and Hair Care keywords rarely turns up branded content. Only one brand video appears in the first page of search results for the top 25 Hair Care search queries, while vlogger channel “Cute Girls Hair Styles” shows up 41 times.

This reflects a persistent pattern. Branded content accounts for only 2% of first-page search results for top keyword searches in the category, while vloggers predominate, according to L2’s Intelligence Report: Video. For the top 150 Beauty and Hair Care queries, all ten channels with the highest search visibility are vlogger channels.

However, the study indicates that brands can boost their search visibility by opting for keywords that yield less volatile search results. A search for “skincare routine” is highly volatile, because new videos regularly emerge with those keywords, changing the order of results. However, the more niche string “how to get rid of acne scars” offers significantly higher stability, with videos remaining at the top of search results over the course of a month.

Volatility of Top 10 YouTube Search Results Over Time

By analyzing the most common search terms to find which relevant terms are the least volatile, brands can see vast improvements in visibility. For example, among the top 25 most searched color cosmetics queries on YouTube, “natural makeup tutorial” is 50% less volatile than “eye makeup tutorial.”

Volatility of Search Results for Top Volume Color Cosmetics and Skin Care YouTube Queries

Bobbi Brown offers an instructive example of how brands can capitalize on distinct search terms. The cosmetics brand produced half of the six tutorials in the L2 study that boast both higher-than-average view counts and organic share of views. All three of those tutorials have a similar title structure, using the keyword “secret.” Consequently, they all appear on the first page of results for longtail searches that include the term (i.e. “secret to perfect skin”). While the term “secret” is unique enough that it has little volatility, it is also so common that it directs considerable organic traffic to Bobbi Brown’s videos.

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