Localization has become increasingly important to global brands looking to grow in foreign markets, but only a select few global beer brands are incorporating localization into their strategies. Currently, only 41% of Beer brands leverage UK-specific content on social media despite stark cultural differences between the UK and U.S. However, Budweiser is currently winning the sprint for rapid localization in the UK by investing in local campaigns and country specific social media accounts in order to boost brand awareness through digital.

An example of this is the #DreamGoal campaign, where the brand incentivizes amateur footballers to submit videos of their most spectacular soccer goal on YouTube. If chosen, winners will have their goal showcased on national TV and social media in addition to winning £50,000 for the club of their choice. Despite being comprised entirely of localized content, the campaign earned 1.5 million views on YouTube in the last six months. Additionally, Budweiser’s #DreamGoal videos earned on average 34 times more views than Stella’s UK-specific Wimbledon adverts, illustrating Budweiser’s commitment to outperform global competitors in the region.


Despite 45% of accounts relying on either global or shared U.S./UK Facebook pages to grow follower base, Budweiser’s U.S. and UK account finish top three in community sizes amongst brands in L2’s Beer UK Index with Facebook pages specific to those countries.

In the UK Budweiser publishes regional specific content, events, and sweepstakes, in order to connect with the culture and trends of consumers. In particular, the brand teamed up with former English footballers John Barnes and Graeme Le Saux to promote its “Limited Editions Brew Giveaway” which incentivized UK consumers to comment for a chance to win limited edition beer cans. The lone video featuring the duo totaled over 1.5 million views on Facebook.

Differing from the UK, Budweiser utilizes its US Facebook account to reinforce its branded roots as “America’s Beer,” by posting content depicting Budweiser’s new America cans and the U.S. soccer national soccer team promotion.


By displaying different Facebook content for the US and UK, Budweiser is able to resonate with a wider audiences.

Adding an extra layer to its already robust localization strategy, Budweiser invested in UK-specific native content on Buzzfeed, purchasing five articles in the past year. On par with Budweiser’s campaigns on Facebook and YouTube, much of the content purchased was related to soccer, where the brand once again reinforces its association to the sport to increase organic reach in the region.

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