When most brands talk about localizing, they focus on translation and region-specific content. However, use of local technology is an important component of localizing as well. Burberry is an example of a brand that effectively localizes its site logistics.

In the US and other open markets, Burberry uses Google’s Ajax Libraries API for its content distribution needs. This library enables the brand to connect to other Javascript libraries that enable e-commerce and localized content in different regions. For user data collection, Burberry uses all-in-one digital tag management system Signal, which allows all-in-one digital tag management. It also allows them to collect data and log browsing sessions.

In China, localization of technology is especially important since local regulators block Google and other Western technology providers. Burberry has adapted by using Baidu for web verification, and Oracle’s maxymiser for content management, and MediaMath for data collection. Burberry also localizes its content with links to Chinese social media, and use of QR codes – a behavior that is unique to the Chinese market.

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