Search strategy plays an important role in home care e-commerce sales as the majority of traffic to brand sites is driven by branded keywords. L2’s Digital IQ Index: Home Care finds that Clorox brands derive a large percentage of their traffic from paid search, highlighting SEM investments. In contrast, 67% of P&G Home Care brands receive most of their traffic from organic search – a testament to the strength of those brands.

But Clorox is working to increase the visibility of its brand names as well, and to make them synonymous with common cleaning challenges and household mishaps. A study of the four Clorox brands receiving the highest traffic from unbranded  paid term reveals that a high percentage of purchase terms included the phrase “how to.” Glad and Clorox each earned 30% of their paid traffic from Google Adword results stemming from a keyword search containing a “how to” phrase. “How to freeze peaches” and “How to get rid of mold” were among the top 10 paid keywords driving high shares of traffic.

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