As brand loyalty wanes and organic marketing on social platforms disappears, brands have turned to influencer marketing to effectively and authentically reach consumers. While companies outside fashion and beauty are understandably hesitant to play the influencer game, even less visually-oriented brands can benefit from the growing trend.

Using influencers on Instagram has been a seamless transition for fashion and beauty brands, as paying well-known figures to wear their products has long been the most used page in the playbook. But in personal care, skincare and bath & shower brands are leading an otherwise reluctant pack. More than 75% of brands in these categories were tagged in influencer posts in 2017, according to L2’s report on personal care influencers. Only one other category had an adoption rate over 50%.


If trying to craft an influencer campaign from scratch seems too intimidating, another option is collaborating with influencers who have already established themselves as promoting out-of-category brands. Oral care brands Crest and Colgate partner with influencers who already work with fashion and beauty brands, asking them to promote a dazzling smile as a staple of their outfits or grooming regimens. Rather than creating original campaigns, they piggyback on the work of brands with more experienced influencer marketing strategies.


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