French users spend more time watching YouTube videos of top Beauty vloggers of their country than on leading female-focused content sites. This phenomenon has led to the rise of stars such as Enjoy Pheonix and Sandrea26France. The top 10 French beauty vlogger channels have 301 uploaded videos, 47 million views, and over a half a million subscribers on average. Without any paid advertising, these bloggers have 10x the reach of French Beauty brands. The average French Beauty brand channel has 3.5 million views and just 3,0000 subscribers.

These top 10 vloggers have more reach on Instagram as well, with 250,000 followers on average vs. just under 13,000 for brands in L2’s upcoming France Beauty Index. The disparity in reach presents an opportunity for brands, as an Instagram repost can amplify their message by close to 20x. Similarly, a vlogger YouTube tutorial featuring a product can reach an audience 171x that of the brand channel.

For more on the digital strategy of Beauty brands in France and how they can leverage vloggers partnerships, look out for our Digital IQ Index: France Beauty.

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