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In 2015, L2 ranked 1,801 brands across 24 Digital IQ Index studies. Of those, 66 achieved Genius distinction. The organizations demonstrate a domain expertise and bold resource commitments that set them apart from peers. But how does that digital expertise translate to the financial world? L2 finds that Genius-level digital performance does correlate with high performance in the financial markets.

Two-thirds of Genius brands are part of multi-brand enterprises that have leveraged scale around technology platforms, best practices, and online media buys. On average, publicly traded Genius brands have revenues of $23.13 billion and annual revenue growth of 4.8%. The market capitalization of publicly traded Genius companies grew 108% in the past ten years and 69% in the past five years.

Eighty-eight percent of Genius brands are public companies, reflecting how the pressure to project growth for investors and access to capital can boost digital performance.

For more on the characteristic of Genius brands, download a copy of L2’s In the Company of Genius study.

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