Germany has one of the lowest rates of Twitter activity in the world. Its 85 million residents send out fifty-nine million public tweets a year, which places it at 31st  in global activity on the platform. Only 5% of the population holds a Twitter account (4 million) vs. 71% in the U.K. L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty | Germany looks at how brands connect on Twitter with such a low-profile population.


German beauty brands send on average 4.9 tweets a week, approximately a fifth of beauty brands tweets sent in the U.K. and a tenth of tweets sent in the U.S. French beauty accounts are only slightly more active on the platform, sending 6.3 tweets a week.


The small number of Twitter users seem to have clustered preferences, as evident by the gap in German Beauty brand communities. Top Tweeters @essence_DE and @Catrice_DE have 21,700 and 15,200 followers respectively. All others have followers in the four digits, the highest being slightly more than 6,100.

beauty-germany-2014-top-ten-twitter-communitiesEven with a low fraction of users, frequency does boost following. Essence Germany sends approximately ten tweets per week, double the national average.

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