Although many luxury clothing and accessories brands avoid having any official distribution relationship Amazon, the situation differs for watches. Many are operated licensed to watch brands (e.g. Michael Kors licenses its watches to Fossil) that distribute products on the e-tailer. In fact, 92% of the 74 brands in L2’s Mass Watches Index distribute on Amazon. As shown in this graph from the L2 Mass Watches study, Gucci and Versace have branded storefronts and Amazon-produced video to help with the purchase experience of their watch products. All but Nixon have enhanced product descriptions, which help improve product visibility on Amazon and Google search.

mass-and-licensed-watches-2015-depth of customization efforts by select brands selling on amazon

In terms of visibility on Amazon, Michael Kors surpasses other study brand by far. Its products appear in 28% of first page results across watch categories, and G-Shock is next line with 15% visibility on the first page of search results.

mass-and-licensed-watches-2015-top-10-brands-by-visibility-on-amazon-watch-stores (1)


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