Industry heavyweights can no longer ignore The Honest Company, the Jessica Alba-founded retailer selling chemical-free alternatives to mainstream products. With revenue of $150 million last year and a recent valuation at $1.7 billion, the brand commands increasing market share and advertising space. Honest ranks as the Diaper category’s third most active advertiser in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Personal Care, outbidding most established brands.

As this suggests, Honest poses an especially large threat to diaper producers. Diaper subscriptions account for 80% of its revenue; on category-related search terms, the brand achieves higher organic search visibility than traditional heavyweights such as Pampers.

Honest also outweighs its competitors on Instagram. With nearly 400,000 followers, the @Honest brand account generates 18 times more interactions than the Index average. Countering L2’s finding that product posts generate the most engagement, @Honest has achieved this popularity without much promotional content: 33% of posts are inspirational quotes, and 29% of posts are lifestyle imagery with frequent photos of Jessica Alba.

While Instagram accounts for nearly 70% of Honest’s total interactions, Pampers and Huggies have remained comparatively absent from the platform. Since Pampers launched an Instagram account in August, it has posted only seven times.

Share of Cumulative Post Interaction by Social Platform

Pampers and Huggies have chosen YouTube instead, which helps them promote diapers but limits their ability to interact with consumers. In contrast, Honest reposts fan photos on Instagram, making social media communications a two-way street. Nearly 10% of Honest’s Instagram posts in August were re-grams of others’ photos, establishing its growing role as the major Personal Care brand on the platform.

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