After ranking 3290 consumer and luxury brand over the course of a year, L2 employees know a thing or two about shopping. We asked them what they bought and where they bought it from in a short survey. In sum, L2ers snub subscription boxes, look for offbeat things by small vendors with local or online shops, and self-gift at stores near our Soho location. Amazon is best reserved for practical purchases than a place to browse for gifts.

Marketing Manager Matt Reese self-gifts at the MOMA store and uses Amazon for “large, heavier pieces that I would not want to carry with me.” Junior Designer Olivia Reaney shops in-store to support local vendors. Designer Aaron Bunge does most of his shopping online, but heads to the store for last minute purchases. He uses amazon when he is purchasing a specific item.

L2 Animator Jimmy McMillan had similar sentiments towards Amazon, that it was almost too “utilitarian” and “inside-the-box” for creative purchases.

Subscription services were scorned all around, but McMillan put it best. “The idea of a something-for-everybody subscription plan seems alluring at first, but in reality, many of these offers result in one wanted product and a handful of tchotchkes or products best suited for others. Subscription services seem inefficient unless you like investing in additional clutter you’ll never really use.”

And another good spot for impulse purchases: COS, who recently opened in the US with “sharp” and “affordable” clothing considering the quality.


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