Amid China’s mounting thirst for Korean cosmetics, Laneíge has become one of the fastest-growing brands by pursuing an aggressive content-creation strategy.

Laneíge garners nearly seven times as many WeChat views as the average brand in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty China. Laneíge is also the most popular non-Western Beauty firm on Youku, where its most successful video drew nearly two million views. Strategically, the video has its protagonist using WeChat, promoting Laneíge’s presence on the popular social platform.

These content investments seem to be paying off. Laneíge controls a quarter of mobile organic brand term search results on Baidu, and on the mobile version of Alibaba’s Tmall, it has twice as many followers as the average Index brand – a figure that increases to more than triple for the desktop version. The brand’s employ of QR codes to reach its Tmall mobile brand shop, a popular feature in China that most Beauty brands have yet to embrace, provides yet another indicator of its mobile savvy.

Tmall followers

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