Over 100 million Chinese tourists traveled abroad in 2014, highlighting the need for localization of hotel sites. Luxury brands have started to implement changes to gain a share of that $165 billion of overseas spending, but localization efforts have been meek. Even though 84% of brands offer a standalone Chinese site or Chinese language selection on the main site, only 12% host these localized sites in China or Hong Kong. As a result, the other 82% have slow load times.


Furthermore, many hotel brands are capturing just local Chinese tourism through these language services. Only 55% of Index brands offer language support throughout the entire site. And among brands offering Chinese language services, the option was available for 90% of properties located within China vs. 73% of pages for properties outside China.


But who is leading in offering language needs tailored to the Chinese consumer? Kimpton Hotels and Hilton Hotels are far ahead of the pack with 22 and 22 language options, respectively. MGallery and Wyndham lagged, being the only major brands without a Chinese language option on their sites despite owning properties in China.

For more on site developments of 50 global luxury hotel brands, download a copy of L2’s Digital IQ Index: Luxury Hotels.

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