Would you tweet about toothpaste? Or share a post on sanitary products? Some global Personal Care brands are demonstrating that consumers are engaging on social channels in a meaningful way. The success of digital-first campaigns such as Always’ “Like a Girl” and Dove’s “Real Beauty” shows that Personal Care brands globally can’t afford to ignore social media.  Yet, in France, many of them are.

Social media penetration in France is only 8 percent lower than the U.K. However, UK Personal Care brands have been much more active on social platforms compared to their French counterparts. Facebook is the dominant social media platform in both countries, with 93 percent of UK Personal Care brands investing in it but only two-thirds of Personal Care brands in France doing so.


Only 9 percent of the French population is active on Twitter. This lags other mature markets; both the UK and US have 22% average active users in comparison. Just over a third of French brands have a presence on Twitter, but only a quarter of brands are actively tweeting in French. In contrast, in the U.K. 79% of brands are investing in the platform with half of them using their account for promotions and contests to increase engagement, compared to 17 percent of brands in France.


The U.K. leads France in YouTube content development, with 82 percent of brands having an English language channel. France also lags when it comes to publishing content. French Personal Care brands have an average of 40 uploads per channel compared to 160 uploads in the UK. However, France performs much stronger in search visibility on the site, where almost double the percentage of brands ranked first in search results than the U.K. There is less competition in search terms in the French language than the English language, allowing more opportunity for brands in France to gain first page visibility.


There remains great opportunity for Personal Care brands in France to invest selectively in dominant social media platforms. Always’ “Like A Girl” campaign has been successfully translated to engage with French users, with over 3 millions views for its French YouTube video in the last month. A recent Facebook post for the campaign had over 22,000 engagements on Facebook. This demonstrates how social is can succeed for Personal Care brands in France.

For more on France Personal Care brands social media presence, download the Digital IQ Index: Personal Care – France.

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