As bloggers, vloggers, and other social publishers continue to gain voice in the digital sphere, consumer brands from Louis Vuitton to Estée Lauder are rushing to build relationships with them and leverage their ever-increasing influence. While influencer-relationship marketing is nothing new, the target list has grown from traditionally just celebrities to now encompassing a wide range of people from “power pinners” to “super fans.” SocialChorus, a software and services company, calls this new iteration of influencer marketing “people powered advertising” and their technology platform allows companies to identify and connect with social brand advocates to create content, engagement, and endorsements. Unlike some other programs such as Klout, SocialChorus also lets brands own the relationship with the influencer and grow it over time.

Influencers in SocialChrous programs are provided “social currency” — samples, exclusive opportunities, or payment — and asked to create unique, relevant content on behalf of brands or products. In a branding exercise for Intel, SocialChorus identified 26 influencers who created over 120 pieces of themed content that was distributed through both their own and Intel’s social channels. The successful engagement program drove over 1 million audience actions for the brand.

More recently, SocialChorus also powered an influencer program with Michael Kors. The luxury brand worked with 100 fashion bloggers to drive awareness around the release of their Paris Limited Edition Runway Watch. The brand asked bloggers to post about how they would style the watch and incentivized the influencers with a pair of sunglasses and the opportunity to win the watch or receive store credit. Bloggers could log on to SocialChorus to access images, information, and links for their posts. On the brand side, the dashboard allowed the company to track campaign performance and ROI. Within the first four weeks, over 70 advocates posted consistently — driving over 6000 social activities totaling over $86,000 in earned media value for Michael Kors.

As companies continue to scale their influencer marketing programs, SocialChorus provides a sophisticated platform that allows brands to automate the process, build relationships, and perhaps most importantly, track results. For more information, visit

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