In 2015, more than half of Internet usage will take place on mobile devices. As consumers shift to mobile platforms, brands need to place ads where they will be most effective. Yet most Fashion brands continue to follow a media strategy inherited from the print world.

L2’s Digital IQ Index: Fashion finds that ads placed on e-tailers generate up to three times as many impressions as those on news and lifestyle sites. For the top advertisers in the Index, e-tailer placements produce more than 18% of impressions, while ads on news and lifestyle sites generate only 6-8%.

However, brands do not allocate ads accordingly. They continue to distribute ads according to print media strategy: 39% of the Fashion Index’s top advertisers place ads on fashion or lifestyle sites like Vogue and Refinery29, and 32% advertise on news sites like The LA Times and The New York Times. In comparison, only 7% of those brands place ads on e-tailers.

Mobile ad placements


This hesitance on the part of Fashion brands to reassess the advertising capacity of retail partners in the online realm has critical implications. By importing media strategy from the print world without significantly revising or adapting it, they are drastically limiting potential return on investment.


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