YouTube continues to be a choice platform for Hair Care brands, with big brands pouring in investments and treating it as a major advertising platform. Pantene and Garnier, for example, purchased 88% and 98% of their channel views on YouTube. However, vlogger partnerships still hold the key for success on YouTube – especially for brands looking to escape the pay-to-play competition. Not only are vloggers able to promote a brand to thousands and millions of followers, they own eight out of ten Hair Care search terms according to L2’s 2016 Hair Care report.


But how do vloggers obtain their enormous reach? (Top Hair Care influencers Cute Girls Hairstyles and Guy Tang have more than 4.5 million and 1.3 million subscribers respectively.) While Guy Tang is incentivized to advertise for product lines he produces content for, much of his views are garnered by capitalizing on trending search terms. For example, he posted a tutorial inspired by Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad as the movie was being marketed for release, using popular keywords in the title and listing products used in the description to optimize SEO.

Savvy brands – like Kenra – are partnering with these vloggers to take advantage of their digital skills. Kenra has gone as far as developing product line Guy Tang Metallics as a collaboration with the influencer. In turn, he has created a playlist of tutorials using Kenra products titled ‘Guy Tang and Kenra Color!” featured on his channel and the brand’s. The amplifying effect of vloggers is evident in just this collaboration: Guy Tang’s channel earned 3.18 million views in 12 months, which is more than 1,400 times the views on the Kenra Professional channel during the same time period.

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