Advertising budgets dedicated to digital video and social media have increased 43% and 42% year-over-year respectively while television ad spending has barely budged. Furthermore, teens are consuming video in short spurts and on the the smartphone; 33% of teenagers ages 13 to 24 watch video on Snapchat and 53% watch videos on Facebook. Brand video strategies can no longer begin and end with YouTube; they must have a creative strategy tailored Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram as well.

The challenge in customizing media is recognizing that more than a third of digital video is consumed on smartphones  –  and that video is consumed different on mobile than on other devices. For example, L2 research finds that the most engaged-with videos on Facebook in several verticals (e.g. Mary Kay, Cartier, and Mountain Dew) have minimal sound effects (background noise, no dialogue, highly visual). Sound deters from engagement as most mobile video is likely to be viewed in public places. And while subtitles may sounds like a good idea, mobile users are increasingly responding to highly visual content that needs little to no explanation (i.e. Snapchat and Instagram users are growing far more than Twitter). Screen size and vertical view must also be accounted into creative designed for these mobile social platforms.

L2’s recent Video Briefing identified several brands that do mobile video well. Here is the list and why their strategies work.

Shock Top: Mastering both efficiency and customization, Shock Top optimized its Super Bowl commercial for Snapchat by creating a 10-second cut reformatted for vertical video to reach Gen-Y consumers, or those who had recently been able to purchase beer.



Calvin Klein: Leveraging the power of influencers, Calvin Klein was able to account for 1/3 of top luxury videos on Instagram in Q1 2016. Influencers created 15-second videos tagged #mycalvin, which resonate with the brand’s fans.



Chanel: Chanel took Facebook video a step further with video ads that take over the entire user’s screen. Designed specifically for the platform, these ads are shoppable.


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