As customer expectations grow and fintech continues to redefine digital finance offerings, financial brands need new ways to encourage conversion online. However, few brands currently provide adequate features to support prospective and existing clients, according to L2’s latest financial services report.

Most glaringly, brand sites are neglected as customer acquisition vehicles, failing to provide prospects with the tools they need to convert. Bank of America’s online toolbox, however, is a robust example of how financial brands can keep customers clicking into a more satisfying overall experience.

The two-time Genius brand’s Schedule an Appointment feature provides a wealth of options based on customer needs and preferences. It first asks users to select one of four business lines: Everyday Banking, Investments with Merrill Edge, Home Loans, or Business Advantage. From this, users can select whether they would prefer a phone call or an in-person meeting. If the user chooses a phone call, the tool branches out into a list of available dates and times. Otherwise, the individual can enter his or her zip code for a list of nearby locations, along with business hours and directions. Bank of America even allows users to select a specific advisor for in-person meetings—icing on the personalization cake.

After these steps, the tool prompts the user to log in or fill out basic personal information, ensuring that their contact information has been added to the CRM database. By offering customers a variety of personalized choices from the get-go, Bank of America establishes a connection with users that contributes to a more seamless conversion process.

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