Emails have proven to be the most cost-effective channel to drive conversion, and automated email campaigns account for more than a fifth of email marketing revenue. As brands dial up their email investments, however, it’s important to understand that they are not one-size-fits-all. In fact, high email frequency may result in lower open rates.

Campaign frequency vs. open rate

Segmentation and personalization are the bedrock to driving ROI from automated emails. Brands can leverage data from consumers’ online behavior to segment email lists, such as shopping history, recently viewed products, or abandoned cart data. This improves open rates by increasing relevance and improving personalization. As an added bonus, smaller list sizes generally improve open rates compared to large “spray-and-pray” campaigns.

Segmentation vs. open rate

Furthermore, simply adding the recipient’s name in the subject line is not enough. Brands must curate the right content and reflect it in the email subject line to drive conversions. Having clear calls-to-action like buy-now buttons, enabling individuals to make purchases directly from the email, also increases the chances of driving site traffic and revenue.


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