As the annual Consumer Electronics Show draws increasing crowds, brands face a significant opportunity to improve their search visibility and social engagement. Here’s some advice from L2’s CES Winners & Losers report on how to effectively leverage the big event:

Use Twitter: The social platform provides Consumer Electronics brands with the opportunity to reach an active community of tech insiders – particularly during CES. When Dell tweeted 32 times using #CES2017, the brand received seven times as many interactions as their typical posts on the platform, according to the study. In comparison, engagement on the brand’s CES Instagram posts less than doubled.

Use hashtags and tagging: Dell’s success also highlights the necessity of using Twitter effectively. The brand followed a series of best practices including referencing the CES hashtag, tagging co-sponsored brands, and highlighting content from featured panelists. Without these strategies, the brand would not have seen such a dramatic effect.


Create a dedicated CES page: In addition to social media, the study recommends that brands create a dedicated page for CES-related content in order to maximize search visibility.  For example, LG created a section on its site highlighting product releases and media coverage and invested in corresponding SEO/SEM efforts. As a result, the brand boosted its ownership of initial search results for the “LG” and “CES” search combination by over 50%, compared to only 22% and 33% for Samsung and Sony respectively. In addition, LG received an organic visibility boost, appearing alongside Dell, Qualcomm, and Lenovo in the top results for general CES queries.

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