When it comes to advertising, global brands face the choice of whether to broadcast campaigns worldwide or tailor content to appeal to consumers in specific regions. Clinique’s recent “Play with Pop” campaign demonstrates how brands can achieve both goals.

For the campaign, the brand created four music videos of Zara Larsson’s popular single “Lush Life.” Each video evokes a different musical style as well as a different “look” created with Clinique products: Acoustic (“The Bare Look,”) Dance (“The Vixen Look,”) Country (“The Bold Look,”) and Pop (“The Sweet Look”).

Clinique maximized the return on this costly investment by repurposing the campaign around the world, translating the videos into multiple languages and publishing them on many of its websites. In Germany, the campaign garnered 696,000 impressions, and in the U.K. and U.S. it received nine and ten million impressions respectively, according to L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty Germany.

Brand vs. Collaborating Vlogger Channel Subscribers

Meanwhile, the brand amplified the campaign’s local reach. In Germany, Clinique sent products to local vloggers and asked them to recreate a look from the campaign. The resulting videos were broadcast in the #spielmitpop playlist along with the brand’s own promo video. This savvy move broadened the brand’s reach by more than 1,000 times. Even more crucially, the vlogger videos got almost as many views as the brand’s own, meaning that Clinique could achieve additional visibility without spending more cash.

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