Contrary to popular belief, mobile apps are not having a moment. Even though consumers are spending 86% of their time on mobile devices on apps, less than 10% of that is spent on non-social and non-gaming apps. Yet, that hasn’t deterred brands from investing aggressively in apps. Recently, the fashion category has taken an interest. A third of fashion brands support at least one mobile app, and a fourth of those available apps were released in the past 12 months.

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Many of the Fashion apps have convenient features. For example, close to half in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Fashion have store locators and 24% integrate cameras. But a look at the most popular apps released in 2014 suggests consumers are looking for gamification or user-generated content.

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Coach’s new app has a “photobomb “ feature that overlays user photos with Peanuts characters (as part of a Coach special collection campaign). New Hermès app “Tie Break” – with arcade games, GIFs, cartoons and animated tie designs – was the second most popular app even though it had no direct path to a catalogue or product page. Fendi’s myBaguette app is commerce-centric, but the customization options give it the feel of a game.

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