Email influenced almost a fifth of e-commerce orders in 2016, but few companies seem to exploit its potential. Nearly half of US and Canadian consumers feel the emails they get from brands are rarely – if at all – relevant. L2’s latest report describes two tactics brands can use to make their email campaigns more effective: segmentation and retargeting.

By segmenting email lists, brands can send content only to consumers who might consider it relevant, increasing the chances that they will open the messages. For instance, the average CVS email goes to just 3% of all contacts. Most brands with above-average open rates also demonstrate high segmentation, testifying to the effectiveness of this strategy.


Retargeting can be another effective strategy. By reminding shoppers of specific products they researched in the past, brands can turn missed opportunities into sales. To further encourage conversions, some brands add shopping incentives to abandoned cart emails. For example, Hugo Boss offers free shipping and returns on items that a shopper examined but did not ultimately purchase. Yet only 7% of initial abandonment emails include such an incentive, suggesting that brands have major work to do in the email department.

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