Snapchat has become the go-to platform for brands ahead in the marketing game. Unlike Instagram, which has universal adoption, Snapchat presence is a point of differentiation for brands. The semi-emerging platform has just over 50% adoption rate in the digitally forward Fashion and Beauty industries. (The Sportswear category has the highest adoption rate: 70% of brands are present on the platform.)


However, a look at post activity across categories shows another story. For example, just 57% of Sportswear brands and 65% of Fashion brands present on Snapchat showed activity during the one-month study period.


Snapchat is a difficult platform to maneuver, which is partly responsible for low activity levels. Images are unedited, and must captivate without the editing process brands are so familiar with. Furthermore, Snaps disappear after being viewed at maximum twice, leaving brands under pressure to make a lasting impression in just seconds. A featured case study in L2’s Instagram vs Snapchat event last week, NYX has worked around this problem by using Snapchat as a way to amplify events with more longevity: store opening parties, Instagram campaigns, beauty tutorials, and sales.

snapchat-nyx-fashion-phone-instagram-store-events-nyxgenbeautyThis has helped NYX become one of the most frequent posters on Snapchat, with 4.8 weekly posts that account for 8% of Snapchat posts by the beauty industry.

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