In the U.S., email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tactics due to the proliferation of smartphones. Mobile email rates increased from 8% to 48% between 2011 and 2014. In China, however, the percentage of internet users with a personal email address is in decline.


Part of implementing a global strategy is recognizing the best way to reach users in each country. In China, that seems to be WeChat which is the highest source of internet traffic in the country.

global-customer-engagement-share-of-smartphone-internet-traffic-among-wechat-users-in-chinaMobile messaging is predicted to be the next wave of communication with consumers in Western markets as well, ever since Facebook acquired Whatsapp and launched Messenger for businesses. Facebook envisions that online shoppers will be able to open and close threads with retailers for all purchase-related information. Consumers will be able to reorder items via messenger as well. So far, Everlane and Zulily have partnered with Facebook for the launch, making a strong mobile messaging strategy a competitive strategy for U.S. consumers as well.

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