Luxury brands pride themselves on maintaining stylish brick-and-mortar stores with professional customer service. But those same brands often struggle to bring consumers who visit their digital channels into physical stores – a loss since more than half of shoppers would rather buy luxury products in-store than online. In L2’s Omnichannel ranking, every luxury brand except Tourneau is classified as a laggard.

Attracting consumers to stores does not require substantial investments; it can be as easy as displaying store locators more prominently. While every luxury brand site has a store locator, the feature is often cumbersome to find and use, according to L2’s Luxury Shopping report. For example, Ferragamo’s store locator is buried at the bottom of the site homepage, and shoppers have to click through their region, country, state, and city to see the list of local stores, loading a new page with each step. In contrast, Tourneau’s store locator is easily accessible from the site homepage and each product page automatically geolocates the closest Tourneau store.

Omnichannel features

Branded social media channels, particularly on Snapchat, represent another easy way to drive shoppers to stores. But while many Luxury brands seem to understand the value of the platform for brand awareness, they often fail to incorporate Snapchat into omnichannel initiatives. Most brand snaps showcase products rather than driving consumers to stores, according to L2’s study.

Tiffany & Co. has mastered this technique. When the brand re-opened its Beverly Hills location in October after an 18-month renovation, it used Snapchat to generate hype and draw consumers to the store. Brand snaps highlighted the store’s location on a map and took viewers on a virtual tour, in addition to showcasing the opening party attended by celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Halle Berry. As the next generation of luxury shoppers comes of age, brands that want to keep their stores profitable will need to echo Tiffany’s mastery of social channels.

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