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Ulta is a popular destination for professional Hair Care brands, yet opportunities are plenty for consumer-facing products. Half of all Hair Care brands – 62% of professional and 36% of consumer brands – in the L2 Index are present on e-tailer. And despite the uneven split, consumer brands are not disadvantaged in search. Brands from both categories secure 25% of first-page real estate for applicable category keywords, and a pro (Alterna) and consumer brand (Living Proof) tie for the highest brand visibility on the platform (for 63% of keywords).

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 10.24.34 AMHowever, search isn’t the only path to visibility on the platform. Living proof promoted a Live Chat Q&A with its celebrity hairstylist and promoted it on the e-tailer homepage. How-to videos and tutorials can boost visibility as well; 50% of brands distributed on Ulta are placed in the platform’s recommended regimens triggered by how-to tutorials.


Few brands are taking advantage of Ulta’s full merchandising capabilities. Just 13% feature tutorials and tips in store and 18% lack a specialized storefront on the e-tailer.




See L2’s 2015 Digital IQ Index: Hair Care and Color study for analysis of 70 Hair Care brands in the U.S. [reportdownloadlinks report_post_id=”118283″]

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