L2’s 2015 Digital IQ Index: Home Care report finds that brands can find more visibility on Target than on Walmart relative to the value brands produced by these retailers. On average, brands in the L2 Index own 11% of first-page search results on Walmart while the retailer’s Great Value brand owns just 9%. Meanwhile, Target’s up & up brand owns 13% of first page search results for non-brand keywords vs. 11% for the Index average.

home-care-comparative-visibility-on-e-tailers-of-index-brands-vs-private-labels-01Up & up’s visibility advantage is especially apparent in the food storage category.

home-care-comparative-visibility-on-target-of-up-and-up-label-vs-index-brandThe recession led the majority of U.S. shoppers to believe that retailer labels are as good as a home care brand, growing sales for these products by 24%. Retailer promotion of these brands can be a conflict of interest.

For more on Home Care brands’ visibility on retailers, download a copy of L2’s 2015 Home Care study:
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