Consumers are increasingly comparing price, quality, and style before walking into a brick-and-mortar location to shop. Often the decision of what to purchase is made after browsing on mobile or desktop devices and the store trip is just to verify, validate the decision and pick up. Price transparency is increasingly important in this decision chain, but it leaves luxury brands – especially in the Watch & Jewelry category – in a dilemma: hide prices and risk being left off the decision chain, or reveal prices and lose the mystique the brand has carefully built. Accordingly, L2 data shows 44% of watch brands do not provide pricing information online, compared to 24% of jewelry brands.

Several brands in L2s Watches & Jewelry report have built workarounds that drive consumers to stores without revealing pricing. For example, many are building concierge services as an alternative path to purchase. A quarter of brands in the L2 study provide online appointment scheduling, while 30% allow contacting the concierge via webform. A fifth of brands provide a concierge phone number to call.

Not all concierge services are created equal. An experience that falls short of seamless could lead consumers to abandon the purchase path. A few examples:

When shoppers on the Harry Winston site focus on an item, they can easily inquire with a “Request Assistance” button. The button opens a webform, which autofills the items of interest and gives the option of being contacted by phone or email. Consumers can also easily request an appointment at a local store online at any point of the purchase path.

Cartier has a best-in-class appointment scheduling service with an interactive calendar. The service guides users to select a store, describe the reason for their visit, and select a date. Afterwards, Cartier sends an email confirming all the details of the appointment.

IWC lures customers with a persistent popup box on every page, displaying concierge contact info, hours of availability, and a link to book an appointment at a local store.

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