When customers search for products, they don’t always know exactly what they want or how to spell it. However, watches and jewelry brands largely neglect consumers unfamiliar with brand terms. About three-quarters of brands in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Watches & Jewelry lack autocorrect, auto-complete, or a “suggest other products” tool in search, which can cause customers to abandon sites because they can’t find what they’re looking for.


Cartier offers a good example of how brand-specific terminology and subpar search sophistication can prevent consumers from finding their desired accessories. If you search the brand site for the popular metal “rose gold,” you get no results. The reason? The brand’s rose gold items are classified under the brand-specific terminology of “pink gold,” which produces over 500 search results. More sophisticated search tools that capture generic terms and link related terms such as “rose gold” and “pink gold” would prevent this from happening.


Brands are also missing out on the opportunity to recommend products to customers. Only 35% of brands in the watches and jewelry categories use search results to push similar products and collections, according to Gartner L2’s new report on optimizing site navigation. Just as in-store sale associates help sell products by making recommendations based on customer preferences, search tools should offer additional options to consumers.

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