Not that MTV plays music videos anymore, but remember when they did? And remember when you’d see Madonna or Britney or whomever dance around in a dress you loved — and knew you’d seen in a store somewhere — but couldn’t identify it? Or, after tireless online searching, you finally did find it only to face “this item is no longer available” disappointment?


Well, that could all change, thanks to a partnership between rappers Iggy Azalea, FKi, DJ/producer Diplo and high-end online retailer Ssense. The video for the artists’ new song, “I Think She Ready,” released today, is filled with fashion-forward looks, all of which were selected from Ssense’s current merchandise and all of which are clickable for online viewers to learn more about each individual piece. Below is a partial screen shot of one of the video’s many outfits deconstructed for consumers’ convenience.

One of the more user-friendly functionalities of this shoppable video is that when you click on a frame, you aren’t redirected to a new page or even forced to open a new tab; instead, the video automatically pauses and a small, unobtrusive pop-up window greets you with each item of clothing and each accessory neatly displayed, complete with designer and its purchase link on Ssense’s site. When you’re done browsing (or buying), you simply click on the main page and the video begins again.


It’s unclear how widespread the idea of shoppable videos will become or how successful the conversion rate for collaborations like this will be, particularly with price-points as high as the ones were talking about here. Just the outfit above, for example, will set you back a pretty $3,915. With music video audiences primarily made up of young people, it’s highly unlikely that many students and young professionals will have the means to immediately purchase designer pieces like these. Were more modestly-priced retailers like H&M, Banana Republic and Zara to get in on the act, however, this could turn into a very lucrative form of s-commerce.


And, hopefully, reignite MTV’s interest in the music video.


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