Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 5.47.18 PMIkea crafted the PS 2014 collection this year, with items just a bit quirkier than the minimalist Swedish retailers’ usual fare. To promote this new line, a Russian ad agency created an Instagram magazine that has links to all of Ikea items in a single photo. The @Ikea_ps_2014 account has just one Instagram photo and tapping on each of the categories (benches, tables, storage, textiles, light, Ideas) directs the user to a larger photo of items from the collection. And tapping that picture will direct to the individual Instagram accounts of each item. (The individual furniture Instagram accounts feature pictures of the item in different home décor situations)


This is one of many retail innovations happening on Instagram. Just last month, LiketoKnow.It created a service that allowed users to shop coveted items on Instagram. Vogue was one of the first to use the service with a #tbt post of Kate Moss in a bikini. Customers who had signed up for LiketoKnow.It could receive an email with direct e-commerce links to similar items.


These developments speak to how shoppable and commerce-friendly Instagram really is. Partner in creating our Intelligence Report: Instagram Olapic found users were 7x more like to convert to purchase after viewing an item in an Instagram photo. Ikea’s new website-within-social-platform and Liketoknow.It are just the beginning of Instagram commerce partnerships we are likely to see in the upcoming months.

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