In this L2 video, Research Associate Giulia Prati speaks about the Genius of L’Oréal Paris, who ranks second in the Digital IQ Index: Personal Care France after Nivea. Prati attributes L’Oréal’s Genius status to a large and active social media presence and a sophisticated direct-to-consumer e-commerce strategy. L’Oréal uses Facebook campaigns in conjunction with email to direct customers to purchase. Throughout the purchase funnel, they have access to a sidebar that cross-sells products. At checkout, L’Oreal offers free samples and three shipping options at varying price points.


L’Oréal is also a Genius on YouTube. Its content-rich channel has 350 video uploads compared to the France Personal Care average of 41. It is also aggressive in maintaining YouTube visibility. Searches for Dove brought up L’Oréal ads, meaning the brand was capitalizing on the popularity of Dove’s “Beauty Sketches” campaign.


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