L2’s Intelligence Report: Content & Commerce finds that brands who fail to make their content a conversation-driver will miss in-store and online sales opportunities. In fact, branded content creates a 125% purchase intent lift for low-consideration items with a price between $50 and $399. And in September 2014, the US reached a tipping point where 50% of sales in the US were influenced by digital.

However, certain countries have been far ahead of the US in reaching that tipping point. In Japan, 55% of consumers research beauty products online before making a purchase and 45% research apparel an accessories before buying. In contrast, just 20% of US consumers research beauty products online and just 18% research apparel and accessories. French consumers are just behind Japan in prioritizing online research in those categories; 45% research beauty products and apparel online before making a purchase. It is particularly important for brands selling in those countries to provide consumers with informative content.

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