For home cooks who find recipes online, moving from browsing to broiling just got significantly easier. Grocery delivery service Instacart is integrating top recipe site AllRecipes into its app, allowing users to fill their carts with all the necessary ingredients for a particular recipe just by clicking a button. The move, which combines the two most popular functions of existing grocery apps, demonstrates the increasing advantage of retailers over Food brands in mobile apps.

While grocery app usage has surged by 16% since 2013, few Food brands have invested in their offerings, according to L2’s Insight Report: Food Mobile. Only 19% of Index brands maintain an iOS app, and just one in three of those was updated in the past year. Consequently, grocery retailer apps enjoy vastly more popularity than those launched by Food brands: 57% of mobile consumers use grocery retailer apps, while only 30% use brand apps.

Food brand mobile app adoption

Where Food brands failed to invest, Instacart saw an opportunity. Among the 58% of mobile consumers who used a grocery shopping app in 2014, editing and saving shopping lists and researching recipes and reviews are the most popular functionalities. By tying them together, the service could lure additional users – and encourage existing customers to load more into their carts.



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