Sixty percent of Instagram users say they learn about products and services through the app, and 75% of those users said that Instagram posts have spurred them to take some form of action like visiting a brand site, searching for a product, or mentioning it to a friend. However, there has always been a gap between product discovery and commerce on the social platform.

Part of the challenge of using Instagram as a commerce platform lies in its limited functionalities. For example, brands can only link to one page on their bio, which has led many to use Like2Buy, a third-party Instagram commerce platform that displays products recently featured on a brand’s product page. However, Like2Buy still results in a cumbersome journey for users because they must navigate away from the page and use several clicks before being able to purchase. And while 77% of brands in L2’s Department Stores Index use Like2Buy, the results don’t seem to match. Only 18% of US internet users report having purchases a product directly from social media, suggesting a lack of interest and/or subpar user experience.


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