In preparation for releasing the New York Fashion Week study, L2 collected data on the social interactions of brands with runway shows and found that Instagram was the most dominant platform for user engagement. During Men’s Fashion Week, the average brand posted eight times on Instagram and received upwards of 18,000 interactions. During the Women’s shows, the average post rate was 29 and the average number of interactions topped 92,000 per brand.
Compare that to Twitter: Just 1117 of interactions per brand for Women’s shows and 490 for Men’s despite frequent posts. During NYFW:M and NYFW:W each brand posted 14 tweets and and 26 tweets respectively.

Surprisingly, Facebook did not yield much excitement or results among fashion brands. Men’s brands posted twice on average and received close to 2000 interactions per brand. And for women’s brands the average post rate was 8 with interactions only reaching an average of 8000.

Well-known brands dominated engagement during NYFW due to their larger follower counts and established social presence. Cross-promoting Men’s and Women’s shows likely helped, as four of the top five brands on Instagram (in terms of NYFW:W and NYFW:M interactions) produced men and women’s collections. Victoria Beckham was the exception.

These results suggest that Instagram is the ideal platform for covering visually-oriented events in real-time. Stay tuned for our upcoming study on NYFW.


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