Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 10.59.48 AMNumerous articles have predicted the death of Facebook ever since CFO David Ebersman admitted last October that young teens were visiting the social media site less frequently. But a new study from Forrester suggests a different scenario. The drop among Facebook usage was just 3% among college-age members, and Facebook remains the most-frequently used social media platform. 79% of youth in the U.S. (ages 12 to 17) are present on Facebook, and of those 28% use the platform every day.


But Forrester research does not mention user interaction rate, or engagement, on Facebook, which according to our Intelligence Report: Instagram is 1/15th of Instagram’s. If everyone is just viewing, and not sharing, another platform is bound to topple Facebook from its dominant position.


Another interesting fact from the Forrester chart: Instagram’s percentage of hyperusers (those who use the platform every day) is on par with Facebook (27% vs. 28%) even though Facebook adoption is higher. Just over 50% of youth are present on Instagram. The stats suggest an addictive platform ready to explode.

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