If you’ve been watching Instagram, you may have noticed a new category catching up on the platform.  Here’s why the grid is fast becoming an eye-catching home for up and coming jewelry brands that might otherwise have little or no way of reaching the public eye.

Facebook remains the most widely adopted social media platform among watch and jewelry brands, but Instagram posts are the primary driver of engagement. Since last year, the platform went from capturing 82% of all measured interactions to 88%, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Watches & Jewelry. The roles Facebook Pages and Twitter play in brand social media strategies are changing too, becoming more oriented toward customer service and less toward brand discovery and engagement—now the role of Instagram.

Although overall social engagement for jewelry brands is falling flat, with 1% fewer total interactions year over year, labels like Adina’s Jewels, a line created by 22-year-old Adina Kamkhatchi are proof that Instagram can provide a veritable place to grow. Thanks in part to the easy shareability of the platform, Adina’s Jewels has drawn the attention of tens of thousands of followers, going especially viral when celebs like Ariana Grande and the Hadid sisters are pictured wearing the gems on the gram. Additionally, “steal her style” type accounts, which are popular on the platform, are to credit for digging up otherwise hidden brands – a win for these brands who could benefit from the free publicity.

However, jewelry brands should beware. The volume of engagement these brands earn on Instagram has remained flat over the past five quarters, indicating that the platforms have either reached a saturation point for jewelry content or that brands are failing to reach new audiences.

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